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Jefferson, Traci Assistant Principal
Templin, Danny Principal

Bacon, Gail Teacher Assistant
Barrett, Dustin Teacher Assistant
Brady, Vicki Teen Living
Bryant, Karen 6th Science
Carpenter, Gwen Keyboarding
Coffey, Jason 6th Science
Coffey, Ronnie 8th Grade LA
Darnell, Nick 8th American History
Elkins, LaDonna Special Services
Elkins, Lucas Technology
Epps, Chrissy 7th Math
Fickle, Don 7th Math
Fickle, Tiffany 6th Language Arts
Fleenor, Laura 8th Math and Algebra
Gracey, Barbara Special Services
Helton, Lance 7th World History
Helton-Wilder, Jill 8th Science
Ilic, Amy 6th grade LA
King, Jennifer 7th Grade Science
Lane, Jacqueline 7th Grade LA
Langhans, Eric 6th Math
Marshall, Meghan Special Services
Nichols, Amanda 8th English (Language Arts)
Nielsen, Kathryn 8th Science
Norton, Susan Physical Education
Pitts, Jacob Band
Queener, Trisha 6th Math
Rader, Meghan 7th LA
Rader, Richard Physical Education
Rich, Katie Teacher Assistant
Rogers, Dawn 8th American History
Rogers, Erin Choir
Rolph, Sarah Art
Sullivan, Crystal 6th Language Arts
Treece, Donna 7th Science
Trent, Christy Special Services
Westmoreland, Leigh 6th grade social studies
Williams, Maryann 8th Math and Algebra
Wilson, Dawn 6th grade social studies
Winter, Michelle 7th Geography

Bacon, Gail Teacher Assistant
Barrett, Dustin Teacher Assistant
Gibson, Sylvia Librarian
Jarnigan, Meghan Guidance Counselor
Kerr, Shawn Technology
Kinsler, Marsha Bookkeeper
Lawson, Karen School Nurse
Lawson, Melissa Cafe Manager
Rich, Katie Teacher Assistant
Roberts, Emily Administrative Assistant
Shaw, Carolyn Administrative Assistant